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    6 ft. 4 in.
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    Some College
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    Full Time Student
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I am all about loyalty and commitment, but I am young and still want to have fun with my friends and family (why I included pix of me with them). I am an Honors student at OSU and I take being a 'Stouty' seriously as well an OSU Cowboy (why I included a pix with me and Pistol Pete).

I love to go to games, hang-out with friends, always open to new adventures which I love to share with those whom I enjoy spending time (family and/or friends). When I am home my house is the hangout for our 'Squad' a group of amazingly clean-cut, but wild and fun (in a safe way, lol) who just enjoy spending time listening to music, watching movies, playing pool or ping pong, or playing a video game.

I am passionate about everything I believe in, there is not 'gray sides' to me, and I am frank and candid - you'll never walk away from a conversation with me doubting my thoughts on about anything. But I am always open to other's opinions and perspectives because no one knows everything - right?

I am going to be in college for a while, 4 yrs at OSU then medical school (or dental not quite sure which yet) but one way or the other I am coming out a doctor, lol. But it would be great to have someone special with me for the long haul and the rewards thereafter.

What I am looking for

Someone who wants to have fun, who isn't afraid of groups of people, of trying new things or adventures. Someone who isn't afraid to stand-out and be seen or heard (ie no wallflower - I've dated a couple it never works out).

I would hope they are working on advancing their education because in my family knowledge is power (and love, they are way so loving and accepting of everyone and why our home is the hub for everyone).

The girl I would like should love cats - we have 3 at home, and my family is always adopting some rescue so you never know who will be there next time you stop by (recently a dog who had been abandoned/dropped-off a few blocks from us).

I am tall, 6'4" and thin (kinda goes with the tall) so even though I am okay with short, its kinda been rough being thin all my life so I prefer dating a girl who is somewhat thinning than thicker (tough way to put that, there is not good way).

I don't care about hair length, color, etc, but I do love a girl with colored hair (purple, blue, lol - hey I'm young) but not a requirement of course.

My family doesn't believe in smoking, drinking, drugs, or those kinds of things (big on Words of Wisdom) except for my dad who seems to think well.... he's a small part of my big picture.

I would love someone who has a big family, you know extended especially because I only have my parents and sister (plus 3 cats, 2 birds, 1 dog). My parents were older when they had us, so most everyone never existed or died by now - so family would be great, and I fit in with anyone. I love people.