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I would like to first off by saying hello, to all those on this social/dating site.

My name is Patrick M, but I primarily as always prefer to be called by my nickname "Snow". I am 33 years old, and Single. I am a Christian Viking, I consider myself more Spiritual rather then Religious. And I have Christians and Pagans in my family. I love nature and doing things outdoors, weather it be fishing, hunting or camping, I enjoying going things like that with friends and family. I enjoy the work I do, working for ODC. Helping those with disabilities
has it's own rewards, despit being on disability myself. But I dream of having a business myself, from a hobby of mine making "Mead". I believe everyone should have at least one hobby. I also enjoy listening to my music playlist on Youtube. I have a big love for Mediaeval, Celtic and Old Norse based music, like Einar Selvik, FAUN and SKÁLD, and have been told I have a good voice as well. I am the type of man how is close to his family, and not all family means by the blood. And often give leadership and council to those in my family/clan who needs it. These days I can't stand politics, I am nor Dem or Rep. Instead I prefer a good conversation, Intellectual and Philosophical, and to bring strategic and logic to solve problems. I have a strong notion of Honesty and Loyalty. And expect the same from others. I am a true man of the North, meaning I don't get Cold easily. But that also means I can't stand hot weather, medically specking. The colder it gets the hotter my body temp gets. That's just one of many interesting thing about myself. But you will have to find out the rest that's about me, won't you.

What I am looking for

I've been single since I moved here, March 1st 2012. Small towns don't bring a lot of opportunities to find love, well for me they don't. That's why I am here. But I will not just jump into a relationship. No, I want to get to know someone for a good while first, before I even remotely consider a "skjaldmær" a wife.

Now there are always a few things I pacifically look for or am more attracted towards. The first thing I always seem to look at is a woman's face. I'm more attracted to women who have Icelandic/Norwegian/German facial structures. Eyes of Ice blue and green are another thing, as well as a woman with true fire red hair, blonde or raven black hair. I feel that is important to me in the regards of finding someone whom one will be happy waking to and for having truly beautiful children with. And as I speck or write about this I have great passion as I put this down my words. And to tell my truth I also prefer my future beloved to be light in body not heavy, in matters of passion and love on the rise of the full moon. If you can read between the lines. And is you must know I am passionate and romantic. And some things about me are old fashioned in a way. I prefer a woman of kindness, strong by herself and weak near her man, and if she can sing a voice to bring down any beast from anger. I like women who also share similer likes as well, in music, styles, and other things. I have always thought it's best that loves complement each other in a few things. As for her spirituality I would say I prefer Pagan or Christian. I hope this gives you great insight in what kind of woman I seek.