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  • Height:
    5 ft. 6 in.
  • Body:
    Full Figured
  • Ethnicity:
    Middle Eastern
  • Education:
    Masters Degree
  • Job:
    Entertainment And Media
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I'm Lebanese/ Cypriot. I've lived most of my life in Europe mostly in Italy, Cyprus, Spain, the UK, and France, and currently, I am residing in Beirut. I speak English, French, and Arabic as a Native and a tad of Italian. I've always wanted to become a Psychiatrist, unfortunately, life has taken me on a different path; I have a B. A in Musimdialogy, and a Master's in Vocal Studies. I am your typical Mediterranean woman: family-oriented, strong-willed, have grace and manners, loving, compassionate, very affectionate, I laugh wholeheartedly, not the most patient, great cook. . . but the most important point is that I have quite a fiery personality, I express myself and talk about how I feel, often at a high volume (Mediterraneans, Middle-Easterns, and Latinos will understand this point). My go-to drink is a Dry Martini with 3 olives; if I am having a wonderful time, then I would switch to a Bloody Mary. I love art, music, architecture, politics, and literature. If you ever lose me, you would definitely find me at an art gallery, museum or library.

What I am looking for

A man who is family-oriented doesn't like to waste time. Someone educated, compassionate, financially stable, understanding, not afraid to open up and share his feelings or even listen and accept mine, empathetic, generous, can keep up a good conversation, and the most important point, someone who is willing to give me his time and is willing to travel to meet me.